Inspiration for the creator generation


10 top quotes from speakers at the Wired UK tech conference for kids aged 12-18

13-year-old co-founder of r00tz asylum for kids at DEF CON
‘Without hackers the internet would be a cat-tastrophy’

Linda Liukas
Author, Hello Ruby, a Kickstarter-funded coding book for kids
‘Programming is changing the world far faster than legislation’

Ionit Alexandru Budisteanu
Computer scientist who built a self-drive car aged 19
‘We can use the internet to waste our time playing games or to change the world’

Andy Serkis
Actor-director, capture pioneer, founder of The Imaginarium Studios
‘Performance Capture links ancient drama and acting and new technologies. It’s next generation storytelling’

Beth Reekles
Author of The Kissing Booth and physics undergraduate
‘Whether it’s writing a book or writing an app, if you feel that something is missing from the world, go out and create it yourself’

Alex Allmont
Programmer and artist hacking amazing contraptions from everyday objects
‘Playful exploration is a great way to discover new ideas. You don’t have to be a kid.’

Helen Sharman
Astronaut, first Briton in space
‘Have a logical mind and want to know how things work. No one wants to go into space with a boring person.’

Roma Agrawal
Structural engineer, part of Shard team of architects
‘Engineering is all about understanding the challenges, problems and constraints and then using creativity to work out exactly what’s needed.’

Ze Frank
Executive vice president of video, Buzzfeed
‘You will probably print your shoes in the next 5 years’

Fleur de Force
Beauty and fashion blogger with over a million subscribers on YouTube
‘I’m just doing a fun job’