Bacich Family Maker Night

This week, 200 families will gather for Family Maker Night at Bacich Elementary. Event organisers and Bacich Elementary staff talk about what makes holding an event like this so special

“There’s something magical about bringing school families together for a parent-child event. We have such a wonderful school, that these moments allow us to feel the special bond that we have as a school community. The energy is so positive, and the challenge of working on a maker projects allows for our moms and dads to see their children in action and really engaged in creative learning – together.”
Sally Peck, Principal, Bacich Elementary School

“Last February the Response to the Math Fair was overwhelmingly positive – the students loved coming during the day with their classes and then bringing their parents back that evening. It was fantastic to see parents and kids trying new challenges together. It made me want to have more events for families, where parents could see a bit of what the kids do at school, as well as do new things side by side with other families. A Maker night seemed like a great next event. Annalyn and I started planning this last Spring for the KSPTA. Maker activities encourage our children to be creative, independent thinkers, and courageous in trying new things. And it is fun for all ages!”
Sarah Killingsworth, KSPTA Parent Ed committee and co-chair for Family Maker Night

“The Family Maker Night is hopefully the first of many family celebrations of the Maker/STEAM movement that has been building and gaining momentum in our district.
“Maker projects, Genius Hour, and other opportunities that occur in Bacich classrooms have been happening for a couple of years now and this is a fun extension of the learning that kids experience in school.
“It’s especially exciting because kids get to share this experience with their family and maybe make some discoveries with new materials, tools, or arts and crafts supplies. Hopefully, the evening provides a glimpse into the value–and joy–of design thinking, making, and creating together.”
Annalyn Chargualaf-Peluso, co-chair for Family Maker Night

“I think a hands-on approach is always beneficial in education. It really helps to give kids a conceptual understanding of the subject matter before branching off into the abstract. Plus, making taps into kids’ natural creativity and allows them to take ownership of their learning.”
Kevin Cutler, Technology Lead, Bacich Elementary and Kent Middle Schools

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