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I am American. I like world peace. I have a nut allergy. I like animals.

I enjoy listening to music and us three like making songs. It’s something we bond over.

For world peace, why should we be killing each other? Life is short, why make it shorter?

I like hanging out with my friends. I like music. I play the clarinet. I like to run. I love to travel. I like water and fish. I just like water, taking baths, going swimming.

My app ideas: this is like a running app. I was in cross country varsity. You can run, listen to music on it, compare yourself to your friends. This is for allergies. It’s like a map. This is my favourite. It’s like social media. An app that helps protect you from hackers and crazy people.

I have TV, school (that’s really important, you can have an app where you can do math, science, you can look up stuff and it will come up really easily or you can get a short definition). I have bullying because that happens and people can kill themselves because of bullying, cyberbullying, that’s not very cool. At my school there’s not a lot of bullying, but at other schools I know it’s really important. There’s not very much water. I like stuff that’s related to unicorns because it makes me happy. I like camping. I like skiing.

Bullying: scholastic magazine, blackmail bullying: if you don’t do something, I’ll forcefeed you a nut if you are really allergic.

Racism. Because I said I was friends with this girl who was African American and there was this girl in my class that said that’s really wrong that you are friends with her.

Sonya: it’s a jellyfish with a horn, a jellycorn

dancing and music

been camping together at Pincrest (?) by Yosemite